Doing Business with Vistra Energy


How do I become set up as an Vistra Energy supplier/vendor?

Upon execution of a contract with supply chain, a W-9 Tax form will need to accompany your first invoice.

NOTE: A vendor MUST be setup in Vistra Energy’s payables system in order for us to issue payment.

Where do I find information on Supply Chain Diversity?

For information about Vistra Energy’s supply chain diversity efforts, click here

I’m representing a non-profit organization, do I still have to complete a W-9?

Yes, we require a W-9 form with the first invoice in order to confirm your tax status as a non-profit organization.

I’ve recently changed my name, address, or tax status; do I need to submit a new W-9 form?

Name Change: yes, you must complete a new W-9 form with new company name and submit with the invoice.

Address Change: no, you must provide correspondence requesting an address change and/or update in the Vistra Energy system.

Tax Status Change: yes, you must complete a new W-9 form with new Tax ID or status and submit with the invoice.

Invoices and Payments: What are the Guidelines for goods and services?

The following guidelines apply to all goods and services procured by Vistra Energy companies:

Vistra Energy requires all suppliers to have an open purchase order with sufficient funding approval before any work begins or goods are delivered. Vistra Energy’s purchase order terms and conditions apply to all goods procured unless previously established by a pre-existing contract between us and the supplier. When required by Vistra Energy, a signed agreement/contract must be returned before a PO will be issued. Vistra Energy only pays for materials specified on the purchase order. Vistra Energy does not pay for goods shipped in excess of the specified quantity on the PO.

What must I include on my invoice for payment?

Invoices must contain the following information to be considered eligible for payment:

  • Vendor name
  • Vendor invoice number
  • Vendor invoice date
  • Payment terms per agreement
  • Discounts
  • EFH contract number, purchase order number or work order number
  • Remit address
  • Detail summary for charges and amount of charges
    • Item description (must match the PO/Work Order, if applicable)
    • Quantity ordered (must match the PO/Work Order, if applicable)
    • Unit of measure (must match the PO/Work Order, if applicable)
    • Prices and total cost for each product/service (must match the PO/Work Order, if applicable)

What payment methods are available other than a check?

Credit Cards: Vistra Energy uses Corporate Purchasing Cards to pay for low dollar transactions that are not on a Purchase Order. Many departments have purchasing cards that can be used for immediate payment. The initial invoice must be presented with W-9 to accurately set up vendor tax reporting. ACH/EDI: As part of Vistra Energy’s continuing efforts to improve efficiency, we offer our Automatic Clearing House Payment Program. With ACH payments, invoices are paid electronically and no check will be created for your payment. Benefits to setting up an ACH include:

  • Posting of deposits to your company bank account sooner due to the elimination of the postal carrier.
  • Reducing multi-handling risks. Payment is made directly from our bank to yours, reducing the probability of human intervention error.
  • Preventing lost or delayed checks. Payments are made electronically, without the possibility of a check getting lost in the mail.
  • If your banking institution does not provide detailed remittance, you may sign up for Epay to see payments and invoices being paid.

To participate, complete the ACH enrollment form and return it via fax to the number of the form.

Please note that your company and bank must be able to handle ACH CTX transactions since the remittance advice is currently sent to the vendor’s bank.

What version of W-9 must I provide?

Download the current form. Vistra Energy requires the use of an Employer Identification Number.

When do you send out 1099 MISC forms?

A 1099 will be sent out by Jan. 31 of each year.

When will my invoice be paid?

Invoices will be paid per the established agreement of net terms.

Where do I submit my W-9 form or inquiries?

To submit W-9 forms, you need to attach a completed W-9 form with your first invoice.

Where do I send my invoices for payment?

Instructions for mailing invoices are outlined in your contract.

Email address to submit invoices: if the receiver of the invoices approves email receipt of an invoice, they will supply the email address.

Fax number to submit invoices: if the receiver of the invoices approves fax receipt of an invoice, they will also supply the fax number.

Who can I talk to if I have questions about my invoice?

Please refer to your agreement for instructions regarding what must be provided in your invoice as well as dispute resolution. General inquiries may be sent to the contract coordinator or contract administrator identified in the agreement. Payment status inquiries may be made at 214.812.8000 or

Why has my invoice not been paid?

There are various reasons the submitted invoice has stalled:

  • Vistra Energy did not receive the invoice
  • The invoice did not include all required elements for payment
  • The invoice does not match the setup of the referenced PO
  • The PO has insufficient funds for payment
  • The invoice did not include a PO
  • The invoice is pending approval per the Vistra Energy business unit contact